Thursday, February 22, 2007

MM Cinemas

In the past, we have driven to Queretaro which is 45 miles away, to go to the movies! No more. We now have an 8 screen movie theatre that is as though you're sitting in the USA! It has a food bar where you can get paninis, capuchinos, etc. I was like a "country kid come to town" the other night when I went to see a movie.
The new mall is very, very beautifully designed also. Since our weather is good 11 months of the year, it is not an enclosed mall but a courtyard effect. The choice of finishes and materials are very well done. It could be in northern California or something with the choice of materials.
Although the ex-pats have the feeling that every new thing is built because of them, the night that I went 99% of the people were locals and only a few ex-pats. Charlotte's Web was playing and it was fun to sit on a bench in the courtyard and watch the excited children holding their parents' hands skipping into the movie theatre. Heartwarming.
So now, bring on the movies! I didn't realize how much I missed afternoon movies but now I can go for $2 US! Yee ha.

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Yeehah! I do love movies and now they are available in SM. Whaahoo! In Spanish or English?

Unknown said...

You can see a photo of the new MM Cinemas at