Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Copper Canyon - Batopilas

The photo of the road is exactly as it was, as far as the picture can show. The drive was 6 hours to go 90 miles! No, that is not a was 6 hours to go 90 miles. I understand there is a road in Columbia called "the road of death" and I can assure you that this one should be called the same..........If the road isn't narrow enough, it is QUITE an event when two vehicles meet going different directions. I had to just close my eyes! Hopefully when I post the picture of the bus passing the truck in a rather wide place in the road, it will post here. (Well, it posted above the photo of the road. ) And the photo above that is a Tarahumara man walking along the road going somewhere. But to be honest, we only saw one place where people lived and that was two buildings and an outhouse (muy importante) 5 hours into this trip. The Tarahumaras are known for their long running and walking ability...........The men all still wear the original types of footwear, huaraches, that I used to see in the 60's and 70's. They are made from truck tires and leather straps! This trip was definitely a step back in time to a beautifully pristine area.

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