Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Candelaria is coming and many people look forward to this event every year, me included. For the Mexicans it is a sacred time when they bless the seeds they are about to plant for the new crops. It is also the time when the nurseries (viveros in Spanish) come from all over Mexico with wonderful plants and pots (macetas) to buy. I LOVE walking the aisles and talking with the salespeople about their plants. I see things that I NEVER saw in the USA and it is fascinating. Everything is so inexpensive that my Pathfinder is always filled to overflowing with palms, bourganvilla, geraniums and whatever else I want to try.
Last year I decided to redo a large flower bed in homage to my daughter Jennifer and to plant white azaleas, butterfly lilies and white daisies. What a beautiful profusion of flowers I have enjoyed ALL year...........well, that is the butterfly lillies. They have not stopped blooming since I planted them What a delightful surprise.
If you saw my roof terrace you would say I couldn't possibly buy one more plant and I have every intention of going this year with no thought of buying..........but maybe one or two things?

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Your garden is just so beautiful. It inspires me to do something to ours but then it would mean digging and shoveling and toting and weeding and feeding and watering. You would be proud, however, I planted about 70 bulbs this year and they are even coming up.